moreover, cosette was not very timid by nature. there flowed in her veins some of the blood of the bohemian and the adventuress who runs barefoot. it will be remembered that she was more of a lark than a dove. there was a foundation of wildness and bravery in her.


turn my head with talk of summertime


I Dreamed A Dream

Melissa O’Neil

August 24th, 2014

Jeremy Hays’s appreciation post,asked by anon (✿◠‿◠)

sweet  intoxication…


about Gerard Butler’s deformity in the Phantom movie


Michael Xavier

From London 2007 brochure with Earl Carpenter, Leila Benn Harris/Robyn North and Michael Xavier. Production photographs by Clive Barda.

Scanned and edited by Elo

Sarah Brightman and Steve Barton

Broadway in Bryant Park